Quick Guide to AtheOS


A micro-kernel based, all graphical OS. Although it's all GUI, it doesn't rely on X, and is not 100% POSIX. The main site is http://www.atheos.cx. A mirror is available for downloads at ftp://atheos.sourceforge.net/pub/atheos/base/. The author, Kurt Skauen, can be reached at kurt@atheos.cx.


As of May 2001, no ISO CD image is available, so AtheOS is installed through floppies only, from which you'll create an AFS partition on your hard-disk to install the OS.
  1. On the hard-disk where you want to install AtheOS, install a small FAT partition, and a second, empty partition. The former will be used to copy base-atheos-0.3.4.tgz and the add-on packages to continue the install once you have booted from the floppies.
  2. Boot with a network-capable floppy, and copy the above tarballs onto the FAT partition
  3. Download the following files: base-atheos-0.3.4.tgz, atheos-0.3.4.boot.01, atheos-0.3.4.boot.02, atheos-0.3.4.data.01
  4. Build the boot floppies through either WINIMAGE.EXE (Windows) or dd (*nix)
  5. Boot with the three boot floppies
  6. Create an AFS-formatted partition on the hard disk by running DiskManager & from the shell