Data persistence with SleepyCat Berkeley DB


"The current Berkeley DB package, as distributed by Sleepycat Software, is a descendant of the hash and btree access methods distributed with 4.4BSD and its descendents. The original package (referred to as DB-1.85), while intended as a public domain replacement for dbm and its followers (e.g., ndbm, gdbm, etc), rapidly became widely used as an efficient, easy-to-use data store. It was incorporated into a number of Open Source packages including Perl, Sendmail, Kerberos, and the GNU C-library.

The Berkeley Database (Berkeley DB) is an embedded database system that can be used in applications requiring high-performance concurrent storage and retrieval of key/value pairs. The software is distributed as a library that can be linked directly into an application. It provides a variety of programmatic interfaces, including callable APIs for C, C++, Perl, Tcl and Java. Users may download Berkeley DB from Sleepycat Software's Web site, at"