Quick Guide to BlackBerry


From Palm to BlackBerry

Contacts, schedule

Syncing with Windows

BlackBerry doesn't provide a Personal Information Manager (PIM) application, but can sync with the following PIM's:

From scratch

  1. Install your favorite PIM
  2. Install BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and configure it to sync with your PIM
  3. Sync up

From PalmDesktop to Outlook

Gave up, and ended up buying Chapura PocketCopy

From PalmDesktop through CompanionLink Express

Not recommended: Timeless appointments will show up in BlackBerry as full-day events.

  1. Install PalmDesktop, remove HotSync
  2. Install BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and sync the BlackBerry at least once before proceeding
  3. Install CompanionLink Express
  4. Run CompanionLink Setup, followed by CompanionLink Synchronize

"Intellisync/There was a problem updating the synchronization settings. Click 'Reset configuration' and try again."

BDM: "Synchronize organizer data" checked

"You need to configure your synchronization settings before synchronizing your device."

"Available desktop applications": PalmDesktop isn't listed (just ASCII and Yahoo)

Rebooted XPSP3


Outlook 2007

From Thunderbird/Lightning through Gmail

"I use Thunderbird for my email. Added Lightning 0.9 to it for calendar. Added Provider for Google Calendar 0.5.1 to sync with Google Calendar. Added Zindus 0.8.5 to sync with Google Contacts. Put Google Sync 0.5.13 on my Blackberry which syncs contacts and calendar." (source)

Must have add-on's


Download pictures from BlackBerry to PC?

When connecting the USB cable, answer Yes when prompted to activate the mass storage. The BlackBerry will not appear as an external drive.

Agendus for BlackBerry? Add-on to Outlook?

How to type accents?

Validate wifi connection with ISP through web page?

Clear call logs

Increase number of rings before voice mail?

Can't hear in crowded surroundings even with volume at maximum

Stuff in BlackBerry not synced with Outlook

In Desktop Manager > Synchronize > Synchronize, check "Synchronize organizer data", and click on Synchronize

Lowering volume of phone ring?

Having the Clock always show the time?

... at least in a battery-saving dimmed but still readable way, so as to keep track of time during a meeting?

How to replace items from standard icon bar?

Replace Messages, Browser and Media with SMS, MemoPad, and Tasks?

Can reassigne left/right buttons from vocal dialing/camera to any application

Assign key to voice mail

Carrier-specific (BouyguesTelecom = keep 1 pressed)

How to have all sections checked for search?

Tired of having to check 'em every time

How to set My number?

Outlook : how to set tasks for day or floating tasks?

How to delete all items from the call log in one go?

It's a bit complicated:

  1. Phone icon > Options > Call Logging: All Calls
  2. Go the Messages application (icon = letter)
  3. View folder Phone Call Logs
  4. Select top-most item
  5. Delete Prior

How to increase the ring number before moving to voice mail?

**61*Number of voice mail server**Number of seconds#Hit validate key


To disable: