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How to convert MPC to MP3?

"Musepack is an audio compression format with a strong emphasis on high quality. It's not lossless, but it is designed for transparency, so that you won't be able to hear differences between the original wave file and the much smaller MPC file."

To convert an MPC file into MP3, first decode it to WAV using "MPC Batch Encoder.exe", and encode this to MP3.

How to convert RealAudio to MP3?

The only solution I found was to google for StreamboxVcrSuite2, which is an older version of StreamBox that still supported RealAudio (Real threatened SB with a law suit if they didn't drop support for the RA format.) I read that StreamboxVcrSuite2's RA to MP3 encoding sucks, so you should just it it convert from RA to WAV, and then use your favorite audio editor to compress the WAV file to MP3.

How to split a big AVI file into parts?

How to combine a movie and its subtitles?

The easiest is to get the .SRT file that matches the movie you downloaded, put both files in the same directory, and play the movie with eg. BSPlayer, which can combine the two files while playing. A more thorough job is to doctor the movie so as to insert the sub-title file into it once and for all.

Why does DivX Player crash when reading a non-compressed AVI file?

How to convert an MPG movie into AVI (DivX)?