Using Delrina WinFax Pro 10


One of the best fax softwares with BVRP's PhoneTools. Note that this product is called WinFax Pro in the US (and possibly, the rest of the world, except...) and Delrina Fax Pro in France (and possibly other countries as well), due to a company having registered the name before Symantec bought the product.


  1. Install a modem in Windows, as Delrina will try to connect to it when you install the software (to check which fax Class it supports)
  2. By default, WinFax will play with what it assumes is the area code. If it fails, you can tell WinFax to dial numbers as they appear by clicking on Tools | Program Configuration | Modem & Communication Peripherals, and select "Dial as typed" (or whatever it is in the original US version)


How to I import a graphic file to use as cover sheet?

Apparently, WinFax only supports the (proprietary?) CVP format. Since WinFax also installs a printer driver, just open the graphic file (JPG, GIF, WMF, etc.) with any graphic application like PaintShop, and print, using the WinFax driver.

How do I send a fax with no cover sheet

ie. with a cover sheet other than the basic default: In the main Send dialog, select the combobox that says Basic Cover Sheet (my translation), and select (duh) No Cover Sheet.