Command-line DOS SMTP clients

Note: Some of them require that the message body be provided in a file.


c:\Tmp\SMTP>blat test.txt -t -s Test -f -server


Z:\bin\Utilities\GBMailer for Windows32 1.12>gbmail -to -h ma -from -s Test GBMailer

MailSend v6.20 (Trial version)

c:\Tmp\SMTP>MailSend -s "This is a subject" -from -smtp -to -msg "Hi there!"
attempting connection to
Connection successful.
*** 250 Hello [], pleased to mee
t you
*** 250 ... Sender ok
*** 250 ... Recipient ok
*** 354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself
250 TAA12733 Message accepted for delivery
Send complete!


c:\Tmp\SMTP>postie -to:ffaure@ap -msg:"Body text" -s:"Here it is..." Sent 9 bytes to '' Thu Dec 23 18:53:49 1999

Stalker's SMTP Mailer V1.12

c:\Tmp\SMTP>mail -s "My subject" < test.txt