EMWAC IMS mail server and web server

This is a free, although no longer supported, SMTP and POP mail server for NT. As of July 2001, the EMWAC server doesn't answer. Please check the Resources section for URLs.

I also added a section of EMWAC's small HTTP server, which only supports HTTP 1.0 and is no longer in development in its free version.

IMS Setup

  1. Download ZIP file
  2. Unzip ims.cpl, imscmn.dll, POP3S.exe, smtpds.exe, SMTPRS.exe to C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32
  3. Open Control Panel, and check that the icon EMWAC IMS is displayed
  4. In TCP/IP properties, make sure the domain name is set (IMS needs this to build fully-qualified domain names)
  5. Open a DOS box, and run SMTPDS -IPADDRESS to check that IMS can use your IP address and FQDN
  6. Run SMTPRS -INSTALL, SMTPDS -INSTALL, POP3S -INSTALL to install those three services
  7. Configure IMS by double-clicking its icon in Control Panel
    • Directories tab: Mailbox directory = D:\EMWAC\INBOX\%USERNAME% Mail Spool Directory = D:\EMWAC\MAIL
    • Misc tab Accept mail for: acme.com mail.acme.com
  8. Open Control Panel | Services, and start each service. Open a DOS box, and run netstat -an to check that ports 25 (SMTP) and 110 (POP3) are running
  9. Create a local NT user group (if IMS is running on an NT Server, do NOT create a Global group) called eg. IMSUsers, and create all e-mail user accounts.
  10. Open Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | User Manager, followed by Policies | User Rights : In the User Rights Policy dialog, check Show Advanced User Rights, choose Log on as a batch job in the drop-down box, click on Add..., and choose the IMSUsers group.

HTTPS 0.991

  1. Pick up the right binary for your host (Intel, Alpha, MIPS) from any site below
  2. Unzip the file
  4. Open a DOS box, cd to \WINNT\SYSTEM32, and run "https -install"
  5. Open Control Panel, and double-click on the "HTTPS Server" icon in Control Panel
    1. Data directory is the root document direct, ie. where the HTTP tree starts
    2. Permit Directory Browsing tells HTTPS whether to list all files in a directory if no index.html or index.htm or default.htm file is present, or just return an error (for security reasons, the latter is recommended)
  6. In Control Panel, open either Services (NT4) or Administrative Tools | Services, double-click on the EMWAC HTTP Server item, and start the service
  7. To remove the HTTPS Service, open a DOS box, and type "https -remove". Next, go to C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32, and delete HTTPS.EXE, HTTPS.CPL, and HTTPS.HLP. Finally, remove the directory where you told Emwac to find HTML files