Instant messaging with ePOP


As of May 2001, I think ePOP 2.x is the best Windows-based, peer-to-peer instant messaging application. Release 3 is in beta, and turns ePOP into Jabber (ie. server-based, and the server application can run on Linux.)

Installation and use

  1. Install ePOP 2.x on each host
  2. Select Actions | Options, followed by clicking on the Features tab: Uncheck options Remote Admin and Remote Control to forbid other users from managing this host remotely through the network
  3. IMPORTANT : Close and restart ePOP to apply this change.

Don't worry--WiredRed also takes security into account. Network administrators can modify E/pop's .exe file using the program's Control Panel application before distributing the software to end users on the network--so Sam in Shipping won't be able to commandeer Jenny's PC in Accounts Payable.

Aside from implementing security controls, the Control Panel lets administrators deactivate options and remove features for networked E/pop users, while maintaining those features for themselves. Users who try to circumvent security by downloading a fresh copy of E/pop from the Internet will be disappointed: Since the global password will not match what's already installed, the software will abort.

Q:  What is the e/pop control panel and how does it work?
A: The e/pop control panel is a unique configuration utility designed for the e/pop program.  It can actually modify the EPOP.EXE to work exactly as you desire.  This modified EPOP.EXE can then be distributed to users on your network.  One or more EPOP.EXE variations can be distributed throughout your network, providing different levels of access for different users.  For instance, normal users might not have the features to send remote run commands, whereas the help desk might have a different EPOP.EXE that has these capabilities.


Here's a list of Windows-based alternatives that I tested. In addition, you should check open-source solution Jabber.

It's about time we set up a private group instant messaging system. Unfortunately, open-source project Jabber does not easily support group chat (ie. chat with certain hosts only), and setting up clients is a pain as it requires subscribing to every single host to build one's "rogue" list.

The following are Windows-based applications, ie. uses the Network Neighborhood to locate other hosts. Jabber's strong point is that it's server-based, and has clients for different platforms.

More infos @

Limité 30 jours. Remote control. UI Outlook Vraiment pas mal! DONE
50 licences = $1,000

Collaboration at warp speed

E/pop: A Good Chat Over the LAN,aid,11562,00.asp

Son of WinPop: E/pop Delivers Directory-Enabled Collaboration

VyPress Messenger
Commercial. Multicast OK, mais sélection destinataires très malcommode par CTRL. Interface bof. DONE
1..49 $12.90 US 
50..99 = $8.50 US par poste

Commercial. Nécessite un SGBD (Either one of these ODBC compliant SQL servers : MS-Access, MySQL, MS-SQL) DONE

iCU 3.52
Shareware. Unicast. DONE

Flash Messaging System
Commercial. Interface bof. Plutôt destiné à call centers. DONE

Interface bof.  IRC-type? DONE

Gox Box
Gratuit ou $35. Unicast ou broadcast only. DONE

Shareware. Pas trouvé de FTP dispo pour le downloader. DONE

Bassline WinPopUP
50-day evaluation. Requires Messenger service. GPF when starting. DONE

LTC Instant Messenger
Commercial. Unicast/broadcast. DONE

Commercial. Apparemment similaire à IRC (pour conversation privées -> créer groupe). DONE

Pink Notes Plus
Shareware. It really IS pink... Une machine joue le rôle de serveur. Multicast a l'air OK, mais interface trop compliquée (orientée messages téléphoniques) DONE

Nécessite accès serveur publique sur le Net? DONE

Personal Network Communicator
VB-based. Requires reboot. Requires adding buddies manually. DONE

Freeware. Plutôt orienté chat texte et son. Utilise serveur sur Internet. DONE

WinPop Plus
Limité à 60 jours. Unicast ou broadcast. Fait par la même boîte que e-Pop? DONE

WinSend 2000
Commercial.  VB-based. Terrible interface. Requires adding contacts. DONE

IceWare Instant Messenger
Requires registration. Requires a remote server. Very similar to Jabber (unicast or pain-in-the-ass multicast, as it requires adding contacts.) DONE

Digital Pad
Freeware. VB-based. Ugly interface. Must add contacts. DONE

Hermes Messenger
Free. Requires adding contacts. DON

Commercial. Interface +/- OK. Server ne permet pas de faire tourner l'appli cliente? DONE

Freeware. VB-based. Interface bof. DONE

Commercial. Interface bof. DONE

Commercial. Client et server. Nécessite de rajouter membres manuellement. DONE

Privateline Demo
Commercial. Encryption.

Express Messaging 2.0


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