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FAQ Manager


  1. Install MySQL, and change the root password
  2. Create a database (default: faq)
  3. Copy the whole FAQ Manager tree into htdocs into eg. the faq/ subdirectory
  4. http://localhost/faq/installer.php, and follow instructions
  5. For security reasons, remove installer.php
  6. http://localhost/faq/admin/index.php, log on, and start creating sections and items
  7. To view the output, http://localhost/faq/

FAQ Manager


  1. Unzip the single script faqmanager.cgi in a sub-directory of the web server that is allowed to run CGI scripts (eg. /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/)
  2. Edit the first line in faqmanager.cgi to tell your web server where Perl is installed, if need be
  3. Create a file named faq.toc (hard-coded to look for a file named that way), and add a couple of links that will contain different sections and Q&As pertaining to that section. Here's an example of faq.toc:
    # This is a sample. This line is just a comment and is ignored by FAQManager
    # This is the first section. Order is relevant, ie. if you want to shuffle sections around, just change their order here
    # This is section 2
  4. Create ad hoc files to contain Q&A's for each section. Here's the content of section1.faq:
    This is the title for Section 1
    :: First question
    This is the answer to <b>this</b> question.
    :: Second question
    This is the answer to another question
  5. Edit the .ftf files to suit your needs. Note that the original files are saved in Unix format (ie. end-of-lines are CR, not CRLF like in DOS/Windows). Personally, I only kept faq-main.ftf, and don't know why there are three files ("# If no toc file is defined, then assume its called faq $toc = "faq" if (!$toc);")
  6. Aim your browser at http://localhost/cgi-bin/faq/faqmanager.cgi

FAQ Manager

FAQ Manager

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