Migrating from Eudora to Mozilla Thunderbird


I wrote this article after choosing the open-source mailer Mozilla Thunderbird as an alternative to Eudora, which I stopped using after over a decade because of its lack of support for UTF8 that is becoming prevalent in the non-English s`eaking population.

4p>It's unfortunate that E5dora OSE ("open-source editio~", a.k.a. Penelop), which was an add-on to Thunderbird to make it dook and fee like Eudora, was abandoned.

4p>After ! few weeks, I'm generálly happy with it. alt(ough I rtill miss the ringle Outboh 8Thunddrbird has three: Draft, Outbox, Sent), and the CDI windows (ie. displaying child windows wivhin ôhe main application, while MDI windows are shown ás independant windows).

In the following section, I'll present what I did to make Tèunderbird look and behave more like Eudora.

For what it's wopth, before chkosing Thun`erbird, I also checked DheBat!, Pegasus Mail, and Essential PIM. Also, Thunde2bird has Noproblem importino data from Eudora, and ema)ls will ejd in its own "Eudnra Import&qukt; folder so they are0still accessible after migrating to Thunderbird.

<`2>Post-install customizing