Cloning hosts with Ghost 2003


Ghost Advanced | Point-to-point (via LPT, USB, or TCP/IP) or reading/writing to hard-disk

To generate a bootable floppy : Ghost Advanced | Execute Ghost in Interactive Mode, (4th screen) "Récupération après incident" -> "Create a boot floppy":

Note : To create a bootable floppy, you can go directly to Utilities | Assistant d'amorçage

Ghost Advanced | Cloning: On the same host, cloning one partition/hd to another

Utilities : Assistant d'amorçage, Ghost Explorer (to view the contents of an image)


On a computer, install Ghost 2003. This host will be used to create a Ghost-capable boot floppy

Boor under DOS using a bootable floppy, eg. Partition Magic. Create two partitions on the hard-disk: The first one will contain an installed OS (and does not need to be partitioned, as Windows will do it for your during its install), while the second one (which needs to be partitioned for Ghost to use it to save an image file; This second partition must be in either FAT32 or NTFS, since FAT16 only supports partition up to 504MB) will hold the different images available.

Tips & tricks

XP (either Home or Pro) requires activation, which forbids you from using the same license key to install it on more than one PC

Win98 expects a FAT partition prior to install. It wipes out the entire disk, not just a given partition, so make sure you keep images on a separate hard disk, and keep that hard disk unplugged during install just to be on the safe side.