Quick & Dirty Guide to MicroPlanet Gravity


MicroPlanet Gravity used to be a shareware newsreader. Starting from release 2.5, it is now freeware. It has a lot of features which makes it on par with Forté's FreeAgent.


In Gravity, an entry in a newsgroup is an article, which includes a header and its body. An important difference with FreeAgent is that by default, articles are only stored in RAM. If you want to read an article off-line, you must tag it for retrieval into Gravity's database. By default, retrieved articles will be deleted once you switch to another newsgroup or close Gravity. To prevent this, select an article or a thread, and tag is as Protected (Thread | Mark Thread As | Protected.) Weirdly enough, protected articles and threads disappear from newsgroups: To read articles and threads that were saved into the database and marked as Protected, you must search them through Search | Search... . I don't know of any way to just keep protected threads/articles in its newsgroup tree. Yuck.