Groupwise for the Impatient


Groupwise requires an NDS server and ConsoleOne (Java-based administration tool; Alternative to Netware Administrator used to manage network resources from a single point such as Novell eDirectory) to hold all of Groupwise's components, eg. domains, post offices, libraires, agents, and users' accounts. Neither NDS nor GroupWise are available for Linux.

Basic system = single domain + one post office + document library + user accounts. The Post Office Agent (POA) is in charge of delivering emails when recipients belong to the same post office as the sender; If the mailbox of the recipients are located on a remote post office or domain, the MTA is in charge of routing emails that remote host.

NDS eDirectory for Windows

ConsoleOne 1.3.2

ConsoleOne NDS eDirectory 8.5 Snap-in

Groupwise for Windows

  1. Download and run the following files to create the GroupWise install tree:
  2. Install the Netware client
  3. Run GroupWise's Setup.Exe