Delphi Internet Development with ICS & MagXfer


"Magenta Systems File Transfer Components comprise three Delphi components, TMagFtp, TMagHttp and TMagFileCopy, the first two of which are high level descendants of the ICS TFtpClient and THttpCli components, all allowing transfer of multiple files and subdirectories with a single function call.

Magenta Systems File Transfer Components are copyrighted software, but the compiled component DCUs may be used without cost in applications for use by the developer or within their company but which are not otherwise distributed (including freeware and shareware). The component source code may be licensed for a cost of 65 (UKP) (76.38 with UK tax) which is about $125, or is available without extra cost to anyone that has financially contributed to the development of the ICS SSL version at or that has licensed Magenta Systems TMagRas component."


First, make sure MagXFer was compiled for the ICS version that you installed, or you'll get "[Fatal Error] magxfer7.dpk(38): Unit magftp was compiled with a different version of FtpCli.TFtpClient" (using ICS V5 Distribution)

Next, after uninstalling V5 Distribution and installing V6 Beta, MagentaSubs installed OK, but when installing MagXFer: "Registration procedure, Magftp.Register in package c:\program files\borland\delphi7\Projects\Bpl\magxfer7.bpl raised exception class EFilerError: A class named TFtpClient already exists."

  1. File > Close All
  2. Open MagXFer\delphi7\MagentaSubs7.dpk, Compile, Install
  3. File > Close All
  4. Open MagXFer\delphi7\magxfer7.dpk, Compile, Install
  5. Tools > Environment Options > Library > Library Path: Add path to MagXFer\delphi7\ where DCU were just compiled
  6. File > Close All

Uploading files with FTP