Web-based outliner with iOutliner


iOutliner is an open-source, web-based outliner based on SprOutliner. It's basic, but does the job.


c:\>mysql -u root -p --execute="CREATE DATABASE outliner"

cd res

mysql -u root -p outliner < ioutliner_db_structure.sql


I have included authlib in this package as a zip file.  You will need to unzip it into a login subdirectory and configure it following the instructions provided by it.

(1) Just edit config.php.inc to reflect your database stuff

(2) Run install.php from browser


The data structure for the sql table is provided in the res directory.  You also may need to change paths within the script to work with your own server.



  1. Download and unzip the package into your web server under eg. /htdocs/outliner/
  2. Unzip authlib1.96.zip from the unzipped package into the empty login/ sub-directory (ie. its index.html should now be in /htdocs/outliner/login/)
  3. Create a database in MySQL where we'll create all the tables, for both authlib and iOutliner, eg. outliner
  4. Edit /htdocs/outliner/login/config.php.inc

    var $server = "www.acme.com";  // mysql server name
    var $db_user = "root"; // username
    var $db_pass = "test"; // password
    var $database = "outliner"; // db name
    var $secret = "mypassword"; // secret key, CHANGE THIS!!
    var $wsname = "www.acme.com"; // website name

    var $config_reg_subj = "website name registration"; // registration email subject
    var $webmaster = "iOutliner <reg@acme.com>"; // webmaster email address

    var $server_url = "http://www.acme.com/outliner/login";

    //remove the "/" in the reference to "/login/login.php", or any reference to the root directory.????
    var $logout_url = "/login";
  5. Edit /outliner/login/install.php to remove DEFAULT '0' (mutually exclusive with auto_increment):

    $query = mysql_query("CREATE TABLE authlib_data (
       id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,

    $query = mysql_query("CREATE TABLE authlib_login (
       id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,

  6. Edit login.php, and change the last line from "include("html/login_done.html");" to "header("../index.php");"
  7. Cd.. to the /outliner directory
  8. Create the tables in the outliner database:

    cd res/
    mysql -u root -p outliner < ioutliner_db_structure.sql
    cd ..
  9. Rename /outliner/main.php into index.php
  10. Edit index.php:

    function is_logged () {
        //Must match $secret in /login/config.php.inc
        $secret = "mypassword";
  11. Edit /outliner/x.php


  12. Edit /outliner/ioutliner.js to change the reference to your server:

    function redraw() {
    => http://www.acme.com/outliner/index.php
  13. Aim your browser at http://www.acme.com/outliner/login/install.php
  14. If it successfully created the authlib tables, aim at http://www.acme.com/outliner/login/login.html


No email when registering new account

Does it have its own SMTP mailer?




confirm email

Does it have its own SMTP mailer?


header("Location: /outliner/index.php");

header("Location: /outliner/login/login.html");

        var $logout_url = "/outliner/login";


} else {



        //header("Location: admin.php");

        header("Location: /outliner/index.php");