JE (Japanese Extensions) HOWTO

JE(Japanese Extensions)-HOWTO JE consists of software to display, input, edit, format, and print Japanese characters and documents, as well as small but fancy made-in-Japan software, including; 1) Japanese-savvy Consoles "kon", "kterm", and "pxvt" will enable you to display exotic looking Japanese characters on your screen, giving it a distinct oriental look-and-feel. 2) Japanese Input Methods (or JIM for people in the know) "Wnn", "Canna", "SKK" and "sj3" will convert an input string from standard 101/106 keyboards into Japanese characters, words, phrases or symbols. 3) Japanese-savvy editors "jelvis" (Japanese vi clone), NEmacs (Japanese Emacs)and Mule (Multilingual Emacs). 4) Japanese TeX system 5) Others "Oneko" is a cute mouse-cursor chaser for the X-window system. There are several mail and news handlers, character code set converters and shells to handle Japanese characters in command line under Linux. See section E for details. Wnn: Has the largest user base. It can also handle Korean and Chinese. Requires on the server resources. Canna: Less demanding on the system, and easier to customize. Better for stand-alone use. sj3: Very compact. Suited for people with limited disk space.