Mercury Mail Transport System for Win32


Mercury MTS is a nifty free mail server from the same company that offers the free mail client Pegasus. Both can be downloaded from .

Depending on the modules that you choose during setup, Mercury can act as a stand-alone SMTP server and client (to send and receive emails directly), SMTP relaying client (to send emails to Internet recipients through a mail server at your ISP), POP server (to deliver mail to local users) and POP client (to retrieve e-mails through your ISP's mail server, and deliver them locally through the Mercury POP server), mailing lists, filtering rules, aliases, support for black-listing spammers (ORBS, RBL), server-based email directory through PH, etc. Quite amazing for a free mail server!


Prior to installing Mercury MTS, the following information are required:

 Here's how to set it up:

  1. Download the latest and greatest, and launch the install application. This howto was written while testing release 4.01
  2. Since this tutorial only handles the Windows version, do not install the Netware module
  3. Install the SMTP and POP3 servers. Unless you wish to have Mercury delegate the sending of outgoing e-mails to your ISP's mail servers, do not install the SMTP relay module. Install the POP3 client module if you want to download your users' e-mails from external accounts, so they only need to connect to the Mercury POP3 server to download all their e-mails
  4. Choose "Normal" when asked how the Mercury SMTP server should handle relaying (ie. do not allow anyone from the Net to use your SMTP server to send e-mails to accounts in a domain that is not handled by the Mercury server)

Once the server is installed, you can run "netstat -an" to check that a process is listening on the relevant ports (25 for SMTP, 110 for POP3.) 

File | Send Mail Message... Allows the administrator to send an e-mail to a local user

File | Enter Offline Mode

Configuration | Mercury Core Module

Configuration | Mailing lists

Configuration | Filtering Rules

Configuration | Aliases

Configuration | MercuryS SMTP Server (to receive e-mail, either from local users, or from the Internet)

Configuration | MercuryE SMTP Client (to have Mercury MTS send e-mail, to either local users or users on their Internet)

Configuration | MercuryP POP3 Server (to deliver e-mails to local users)

Configuration | MercuryD POP3 Client

Configuration | Protocol Modules (to enable/disable modules)

Configuration | Manage Local Users