Web-based groupware with Moregroupware


Great little PHP-based organizer. Supports different languages for the interface, along with national holidays. Contacts can be imported via the vCard format.

Click to see a bigger picture of the calendar section:


You should try to run moregroupware with register_globals disabled, if it doesn't work, it's a bug. The same is true for magic_quotes_gpc and magic_quotes_runtime, both should be off. Those are not strict requirements, though.

  1. Untar the package into the docs/ directory of you PHP-capable web server. We'll use the more/ subdirectory in this example
  2. Create a databasein MySQL : mysqladmin -u root -p create moregroupware
  3. Aim at http://localhost/more/setup/, and follow the online instructions
  4. Log on as admin/admin

Upgrading to a newer version

As of August 2003, MoreGW does not support upgrading automatically. Some information is available here on how to get data out of the database, modify its structure, and re-import.


Cliking on any section ends up executing module Webmail2?

During setup, although I didn't include the webmail module, selecting any section after logging on (eg. Overview, Calendar, etc.) ends up trying to run the webmail2 module (no error, but the status bar in the browser doesn't complete the page download). I simply deleted the webmail2/ sub-directory under modules/ and it solved the issue.

Bunch of PHP warnings when importing vCards from Lotus Organizer

Seems to have worked, though. Still, issues with accented characters, eg. ends up as é. This is a bug in Lotus Organizer : open the exported file, and search/replace before importing into More.

How to empty the Contacts table?

Launch the MySQL client, and run:

  1. use moregroupware;
  2. DELETE FROM mgw_contacts;

PHP session auto start must be disabled?

During setup with MoreGW 0.6.7, I can't get past Step 1

Try upgrading PHP and see if a newer version solves the issue.

The MIM widget doesn't work right

I used Opera as the web browser. Log on to More, click on Settings, go to the Notification settings section, and uncheck "Use iframe for MIM status". Log off, and re-log on.