Web-based forum with Phorum


Phorum is a nice, light-weight web-based bulletin board which requires either MySQL or PostgreSQL.


  1. In MySQL or PostgreSQL, create a database to host data
  2. Untar the package in your web server's docs/ directory
  3. Rename the admin/ directory. You can add an .htaccess to increase security. Better yet, move it outside the docs/ directory, if you are allowed to. FYI, your database logon/password is in clear text in admin/settings/forums.php
  4. If you named/removed admin/, update common.php accordingly ($settings_dir)
  5. To localize Phorum, download a language file, rename it to eg. deutsch.php, and copy it into lang/
  6. Customize phorum.css, include/header.php, and footer.php
  7. Aim at http://localhost/admin/


Can I display a user's Real Name instead of his User Name?

No, you'll have to change the code yourself.

What's the difference between "New Folder" and "New Forum"

A folder is a group of forums. If you just need a single forum, don't create a folder, and users will be welcomed directly into this forum.