Lightweight blogging with PivotX


PivotX is the next generation of the now defunct, self-hosted Pivot. Unlike its predecessor, PivotX can save data into either flat files or MySQL.


  1. On the web server, using MySQL, create a database and an admin user
    1. mysql> CREATE DATABASE pivotx;
    2. mysql> CREATE USER 'pivotxadmin'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'test';
    3. mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON pivotx.* TO 'pivotxadmin'@'localhost' WITH GRANT OPTION;
    4. mysql> SHOW GRANTS FOR 'pivotxadmin'@'localhost';
    5. mysql> EXIT
    6. # mysql -u pivotxadmin -p
    7. mysql> EXIT
  2. cd /var
  3. wget -c -O
  4. unzip -d ./www
  5. chmod ./www/images/
  6. chmod ./www/pivotx/templates/ (templates_internal)
  7. chmod ./www/pivotx/db/
  8. http://srv/
  9. Set a username/password

Post-setup Customizing

Get rid of the right-hand column (Tag Cloud, etc.)

Disable comments



Data backup/restore



Keeping URL's clean?

Preventing SPAM and trolls?

Entry vs. Page?

Page = static stuff. Entry = dynamically built from DB.


Site vs. Weblog?

No French UI for users?

Is Cache ready for production?

If not, another way to generate static HTML to avoid calling PHP/MySQL for every read?