Compact applications with PureBasic


Unlike PowerBasic, PureBasic applications can run not only under Windows, but on Linux and MacOS as well.


Just run the installer, and launch the IDE to get started.

Limitations of the free version of PB (5.73 LTS): "No Win32 API support, No DLL creation, Code size limitation (about 800 lines)".


Hello, world!

Just run the IDE (PureBasic.exe), and copy/paste the following code to build a GUI version of HW:

MessageRequester("Message Box", "Hello World")

Hit F5 to run


Why doesn't the IDE create an executable in the same directory as the source file?

For some reason, even after saving the file and hitting F5, PB doesn't create an EXE in the same directory as the source: You must hit Compiler > Create Executable

' doesn't work to comment code out

Use ; instead

What is MessageRequester()?