Quick Guide to qmail










Gave up trying to install the whole shebband through RPMs... The only documentation available is for building from source files...

  1. Go to http://www.qmail.org, choose a server close to where you are located, and download the following packages:
  2. Install or build/install RPMs
    1. rpm -/qmail-run/ucspi-tcp-X.i386.rpm, and install through "rpm -Uvh"
    2. /var-mail/qmail-1.03-102memphis.src.rpm: Contains the qmail binaries; run "rpm --rebuild qmail-1.03-102memphis.src.rpm", followed by "rpm -Uvh /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/qmail-1.03-102memphis.i386.rpm"
  3. Install daemontools in /etc/inittab: The RPM is wrong, and doesn't create /package/admin/daemontools/package/package/boot.inittab that /package/admin/daemontools/package/run.inittab expects to fun (yes, that's a log of "package" in one path...)
    1. cd /package/admin/daemontools/package
    2. mkdir ./package
    3. copy ./run.inittab ./package/
    4. ./run.inittab: It should say "Adding svscanboot to inittab... init should start svscan now." Check that /etc/inittab contains "SV:123456:respawn:/command/svscanboot" , and run "ps aux | grep sv" to check that "svscan /service" is running


I'm confused about what I need to download from eg. http://qmail.agarik.com/%2E/rpms/qmail-run/

You are not alone. What a mess... As of Feb 17, I assume you need to build and run the RPM package from /var-mail/ to get qmail itself up and running, followed by the following packages from /qmail-run : daemontools, dt-run, ucspi-tcp

Is svscan part of the ucspi-tcp package?

No, daemontools.

Ran rpm -Uvh daemontools-0.76-2memphis.i386.rpm and got "rpm/service exists. I assume that svscan is already running. You may want to add /command to PATH."

Even installing the RPM for daemontools followed by qmail returned the same issue. Guess it's just a small bug.