Cross-platform, soon-to-be open-source, peer-to-peer collaboration tool written in Rebol (Relative Expression Based Object Language). Light-weight applications (reblets) run on the Rebol Internet Operating System (Rebol IOS) to connect with other users.

There are three versions of IOS:

REBOL IOS Express works in conjunction with existing Web servers to provide REBOL support. REBOL IOS Express is an enterprise workgroup product with two parts: a server piece called REBOL Serve, and a client called REBOL Link (500KB).

Reblets are tiny X Internet applications that run on REBOL IOS. Standard reblets include Desktop (Shared Files and Apps), Who (User Presence Monitor), Alerts (User Notification), Messenger (Secure Instant Messaging), Conference (Online Group Discussions), Calendar (Shared Calendar), Contacts (Shared Contact Database), and Taskmaster (Collaborative Task Lists).

X Internet : The X stands for executable. The X Internet works by automatically distributing programs, not just web pages. What's the advantage? X Internet applications make greater use of the power of your local computer, handheld device or appliance. As a result, applications are more responsive and network traffic is dramatically reduced. X Internet applications make a 56K modem feel like DSL.

RMP Direct Mode : The REBOL Messaging Protocol includes a direct access mode that can be used to bypass the normal Web tunnel TCP connections. When this mode is enabled, an IOS Link client can directly connect to an IOS server using port 2997 (the registered REBOL port). All other operation remains the same.


Typically it takes about five minutes to install IOS on your server. It requires that you create a new user account, unzip the distribution files, then copy a file to your CGI bin directory. In addition you will want to add it to your boot startup so the server restarts. Additional changes may be required, depending on your web server setup. Once you have the server running, it is "hands free" and requires no server-side interaction. All other operation can be done from the client by using the admin account.