Remote Windows desktop


RDP (API) vs. bitmap

WinConnect Server XP


To have the client wait for incoming connections, winclient /listen. To launch the server and have it connect out to your client, "winvnc -run", followed by "winvnc -connect theremotehost".

Microsoft Terminal Server/Services


PXES Universal Linux Thin Client

Remote Workplace


PCA is utter and complete crap.  Don't bother.  there is a flaw in that software in which it will overwrite the default MS Login screen (MSGINA / AWGINA)  It killed one of my machines.

Remote Office

You might try "Remote Office", some fairly new remote terminal software that's made available to Delphi developers for incorporation into Delphi apps, but which also has fully capable prepackaged versions. I've heard good things about it.  You can try it out for free at:

Citrix Metaframe

"Higher performing than terminal services, and can deal better with the higher latency you will see on a DSL line. Citrix is particularly better if your client is not using XP Professional, as there are significant differences between the remote desktop client with XP and terminal services clients on 95/95/Me/NT/2000.

For Citrix, you need to purchase a 5-license pack with the media. Citrix XPs (the standard edition) should be fine for a single server with little load."

"the spring of 1990, when Citrix first released WinView"