Quick Guide to the Strida folding bike


The EVO with 18" wheels a.k.a. "KS3" offers a meter development of 3,45 - 4,38 - 5,51m by using a kickback bottom bracket by Sturmey Archer.

The distance between the handlebar and the saddle is approximately 400 to 550 mm (Brompton ~ 640mm), while the wheel base is about ~ 895 mm (Brompton ~ 1045mm).

Compared to the Brompton



Must-have Accesories



How to change + choose saddle

Undo the nut + bolt, and use a flat screwdriver to pry out the saddle carefully from the seat. Note that some saddles fit the Strida seat molding, while others don't ("The crucial factor whether a saddle fits on the molding or not is the distance of the saddle rails to the the lower edge of the saddle nose"

To lower the seat, loosen and remove the three nuts and open the molding. If you often share your Strida, get the Quick Release Seat molding.

Due to the upright position and the fact that the rider cannot stand on the pedals, a saddle should be very wide in the back.

Wide in the back, and long enough to move body further from handlebar?

Investigating creaks and squeaks

The small clicks you hear while spinning the crank forward on the EVO is perfectly normal.

On the other hand, creaks and squeaks you hear while riding isn't. It often comes from the rear hinge, in which case:

  1. Remove the cup spring (p.nr. 367) of the rear joint (Is there a groove in the frame? Can you take a close picture of it?)
  2. Use sandpaper to break the sharp edge along the outer circumference of the cup spring
  3. Put a little bit lube below and reinstall the cup spring.

Touring with a Strida




Bill Wilby's "Traveling with Strida and Travoy"



What kind of tires are available?

As of July 2018, Innova offers anti-puncture tires in ETRTO 32-355. Schwalbe offers the slick Kojak tires, but stopped offering Marathon Plus anti-puncture tires.

Is there a solution to hang a bag in the front like on Brompton/Tern/Dahon?

You might try a Klickfix Caddy adapter or a Brompton luggage + jubilee clips/hose clamps, but it'd have to be pretty high up to avoid getting in the way when folding the bike.

What saddles are recommended?

wide in the back and long, thin nose

How to increase distance between saddle and handlebar

Velo Newport S4 was recommended back in 2010