Quick Guide to Ultimate Boot CD for Windows


UBCD4Win is based on BartPE and is the Windows version of the Linux-based Ultimate Boot CD, a.k.a. UBCD. Using UBCD4Win, you can create a bootable, mini-XP from your original XP CD to boot a computer and run Windows applications from a CD. Besides using the familiar XP interface, this solution lets you edit NTFS partitions safely, so you can run anti-virus applications to recover a Windows host infected by viruses.

Using UBCD4Win

  1. Copy all the files from your XP (SP1 or higher) CD onto your hard-disk, eg. C:\XPCD
  2. Download and run the latest UBCD4Win application (Important: Install in path/directory with no spaces, eg. C:\ubcd4win)
  3. Fill the required fields per this document: "Source" (where the XP files can be found, eg. C:\XPCD) and "Create ISO Image"
  4. Click on Plugins
  5. Click on Build
  6. Burn the ISO file onto a CD, and give it a try