Web-based groupware with Weborganizer


Open-source, LAMP-based application to provide users with calendar, to-do, address book features. Light, easy to install, and very nice-looking application. Author: Leo West <west_leo AT yahoo.com>

Click to see a bigger picture of the main interface:


  1. Download and unzip tarball into your web server's docs directory
  2. Rename default.webo.conf.php as webo.conf.php
  3. Edit webo.conf.php:

    $baseDir = "C:/www/docs/webo";
    $WEBO_URL = "http://www.acme.com/webo";
    $DB_URL = "mysql://mysqlroot:mysqlpasswd@localhost/webo";
    $CACHE_DIR = 'C:/tmp';
  4. Create the required database and tables : mysql -u mysqlroot -p < install/schema.mysql.sql
  5. Aim your browser at http://www.acme.com/webo/ and log on as webo-adm/webo-adm
  6. Connecto to MySQL, and change the password for this default admin account...


How to import data from MoreGroupware?

Contacts, to-do, calendar

Changing the admin's password?

The documenation says "Edit the webo-admin user ( Admin > Users list > Edit user ) and SET A PASSWORD", but no trace of a user configuration applet in the Configuration section.

Until an Admin section is available to manager users, you must connect to MySQL through either the command-line client or through a web interface such as PhpMyAdmin, and perform the following instruction to change the password of the default "webo-adm" account:

  1. mysql -u root -p webo
  2. update users set userpassword =md5('test') where userid='webo-adm';

To add a new user account, run the following commands:

  1. mysql -u root -p webo
  2. insert into users values ('fred',md5('fred'),'enabled',NULL);

To-do list not displayed on desktop

Looks like it's under construction.

Can user accounts have User status instead of Admin?

Created a new user, but can't log on

It just loops in the logon screen, with no error. I performed a SELECT, and the user accoun does exist, with an MD5-looking hashed password, and status is equal to Enabled.

Protecting the modules sub-directory?

   * the modules subdirectory MUST NOT be accessible. verify that you can not

      access http://localhost/webo/modules/calendar/index.php

   -> For Apache, you should have nothing to do, a .htaccess file is installed undermodules

   -> Other webserver, refer to your server documentation


   2) In php.ini, turn off the magic_quote features

      magic_quote_gpc = Off

      magic_quote_runtime = Off

After logging out, and trying to relog...

the following error shows up when using the Opera web browser release 5 or 7 (Internet Explorer OK) : "JavaScript Alert : Your autosignin key has expired. Please re-authentifiy". Removing the sess_* files in the $CACHE_DIR directory doesn't solve the issue.

Temp stuff

INSERT INTO users (userid, userpassword, status, lastaccess) VALUES ('webo-adm', MD5('webo-adm'), 'enabled', NULL);

INSERT INTO autpermission SELECT 'webo-adm', role FROM autrole WHERE role<>'anonymous';

   Edit the webo-admin user ( Admin > Users list > Edit user ) and SET A PASSWORD !!

   You can also start adding users and groups in the directory.

   You should also change the password on the database







mysql> insert into userprofile values ('webo-adm','desktop_pageletsRight[5]','ad



Log on as webo-adm, and click on "New User" below the Administration module. The following files are requires:

Identifier, Password, First Name, Last Name, Email


mysql> update users set userpassword=md5('test') where userid='fred';