Groupware with XenIntranet


A bit of a pain to install...



  1. Download and run Ampoliros_3000-3.4.exe
  2. Install in the default directory, eg. "c:\Program Files\Ampoliros\"
  3. At the end of the install procedure, Ampoliros will run the "Ampoliros Configuration" application to set the directories. Change "Public directory" to a sub-directory in your web server's docs/ directory, eg. "c:\Program Files\sambar\docs\ampoliros". Leave the other settings as they are.
  4. Rename public/cgi/ to eg. "ampoliros", and move this sub-directory your web server's cgi-gin directory, eg. "c:\Program Files\sambar\cgi-bin\ampoliros\"
  5. Edit your web server's configuration to create an alias between /ampcgi/ and "c:\Program Files\sambar\cgi-bin\ampoliros\"
  6. Rename public/ to eg. "ampoliros", and move this sub-directory into your web server's docs directory, eg. "c:\Program Files\sambar\docs\ampoliros\"
  7. Edit PHP.INI so that the include_path line contains c:\programs\ampoliros\etc
  8. Restart your web server to activate those changes
  9. Aim your browser to http://locahost/ampoliros/index.php
  10. In the "Ampoliros name and domain", leave fields empty. Those are used if you wish to install more than one site on a single host
  11. Set the password to the root account "amp" to eg. "test"


  1. Go to, and download the required packages
  2. Launch Ampoliros' admin screen :


What is "c:\Program Files\sambar\docs\ampoliros\root\" for?

What is "c:\Program Files\Ampoliros\tmp\" for?

After completing the installation of Ampoliros, empty admin screen